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The island of Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods” because of its beautiful nature and strong religious traditions. However, only few know the truth behind that name and the kingdom from whence the name originated. Hundreds of years ago, a grave disaster struck the island and crippled the entire realm of Wanekeling Kalianget. So devastating was the calamity that the king himself fell into a state of despair. It was as if the gods had left the people of Bali to fend for themselves.

However, out of the ruins of the westernmost village of the island, rose a young man who refused to surrender to the vast hopelessness. His decision led to an eventful encounter with a woman after his own heart and a kingsguard that would change his fate—and ultimately the entire island—forever. Would the young man eventually succeed in restoring the hope that was lost in the catastrophe? What kind of end would befall the kingdom? And would the gods finally turn their gaze upon Bali once more?

This is the story of mankind in a paradise abandoned by the gods.


Many had said that she was more serious compared to Irwadika, her twin brother. Nevertheless, there were similarities, however few: they liked to bring merriment wherever they went, and often completed each other's sentences. Nirwadita was often annoyed with her brother’s lame sense of humor, but would sometimes get dragged into the act when she tried to sophisticate him. Aside from her helpfulness and occasional jitters, no one really knew exactly where she lived or came from.

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Born as a commoner in the kingdom of Wanekeling Kalianget, Jayaprana had always been fascinated with the grandness of his birthplace. His kindness and perseverance had convinced many people—including Layonsari—that he would bring about great changes to the kingdom. His fateful encounter with Layonsari had left a deep impression upon him that it had become one of Jayaprana’s goals to meet her again.

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Coming from the westernmost village of the island, Layonsari’s attractiveness came from her humility that amplified her beauty, both inward and outward. Her sincerity and kindness for people, too, was incorruptible—not even by despair. Having been inspired by Jayaprana’s example, Layonsari decided to serve at the temple with her best friend, Gianetha. One thing she did not realise, however: her feelings for the man she admired was deeper than she thought.

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Many had said that he was more laid back compared to Nirwadita, his twin sister. Nevertheless, there were similarities, however few: they liked to bring merriment wherever they went, and often completed each other's sentences. Irwadika was especially enthusiastic when Gianetha was around and would—unsuccessfully—offer to take her out on a date. Aside from his wit and flimsy pickup lines, no one really knew exactly where he lived or came from.

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With a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue, Gianetha was a headstrong girl who was not easily defeated when it came to arguments. However, Layonsari had somehow always been able to convince her to do what was right, not just what she wanted. This earned Layonsari the respect and sisterly bond Gianetha did not usually share with others. She was very secretive about her past, but would confide about it if she thought it would help her best friend.

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His loyalty to Kalianget and the kingdom came from his upbringing as the only son of the previous chief kingsguard. Since his childhood, it had been his aim to continue his father’s legacy to protect Wanekeling Kalianget from any threat and ensure its safety. Prayitanu’s friendship with Kalianget was renowned in the kingdom, having considered each other brothers for as long as both could remember. However, this bond might face its greatest challenge when Prayitanu’s decision had the power to turn the fate of the kingdom forever.

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As the one who bore the title of Kalianget, it had been his pleasure to serve his people as best as his predecessors had. At one point in his reign, the elders had believed that he might bring the kingdom to its golden age again. Assured that his kingdom would thrive, and with his loving wife and children by his side, it seemed as if nothing could obstruct Kalianget’s path. However, when the catastrophe wrought ruin to his realm, he would never be the same person again.

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ICN Cultural Production is an annual student-initiated production organized and led by Indonesian students in NTU. It started with a humble beginning in 2007 and has grown to become one of the biggest student-run production in Singapore ever since. To date, ICN has produced 7 performances which have mesmerized more than 4,000 audience from various nationalities. Furthermore, there are more than 100 passionate talents that have converged their visions and dreams to make ICN as a platform to showcase the beautiful and diverse cultural heritage of Indonesia.

Each year, ICN brings a fresh perspective to Indonesian culture which compels the audience to ponder on their understanding of the culture. ICN has explored many Indonesian history and folklores from across the Indonesian archipelago. This year, ICN will bring to Singapore the magnificence and wonders of the Island of Paradise, Bali.
ICN 2015 - Nilam: A Musical

Nilam tells the adventure of Malin Kundang, a young fisherman whose dream was to sail the seas and find riches in the lands yonder. The departure of Malin's father years ago had made his mother, Mirah, afraid of letting Malin go to pursue his dreams, of losing another piece of her heart, leaving this mother and son in a never-ending dispute. With the help of his childhood friend, Delima, and the power of a mysterious magical relic, Malin's anchored dream finally set sail.
Visit ICN 2015 - Nilam: A Musical website!
ICN 2014 - ANGKARA: A Musical

With the new ICN tagline, "History Made Anew", Angkara seeks to give a fresh perspective to a story so familiar to most Indonesians. Angkara, loosely based on the history of Singasari Kingdom, tells the story of Ken Arok, an ambitious peasant determined to be more than just 'a feather in the air', and his bloody rise to power. With both matinee and night shows, Angkara entertained more than 700 attendees in School of the Arts' Drama Theatre.
Visit ICN 2014 - ANGKARA: A Musical website!
ICN 2013 - NEUTRAREGNI: A Musical

A dystopian story of Indonesia in the year 2043, Neutraregni the Musical pushes the boundary of ICN to a whole new level. It seeks to reimagine the lives of Indonesians in a dictatorial leadership that suppresses the Indonesian identity. The story is applauded for its originality and provocative nature that forces us to rethink what freedom really means. Neutraregni succeeds in entertaining a full house of 800 attendees in University Cultural Centre.
Visit ICN 2013 - NEUTRAREGNI: A Musical website!

Performed in SIA Theatre, Lasalle College of the Arts, Pahlawan successfully challenges the audience's notion of a hero. Against the background of the 1950s, the show gives us a glimpse of the hardships experienced by the Indonesians while struggling for independence during the Revolusi.At the same time, the musical does not lose its flavour of authentic Indonesian cultural performance.


After a short hiatus of a year, ICN returns with Zamrud Khatulistiwa. The story follows Mike who has to learn the hard way the value of friendship and in the process learns to appreciate the country where his father came from. The show again manages to wow the audience in NTU's own Art,Design and Media Auditorium with a series of performances highlighting the diversity of Indonesian culture.


Merah Putih: Kembali ke Hati tells the story of Jim. Jim who was born to an affluent family is confronted with the reality of the society when he met Shinta, a schoolmate who teaches traditional dance to underprivileged kids. The show culminates in a fusion dance performance called Trigianti Sakakta Dance that seamlessly blends Saman, Kecak and Tabal Gempita into one scintillating performance that invites the audience standing ovation in the Lee Foundation Theatre.
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