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ICN Cultural Production is an annual musical theatre production that brings a new perspective on Indonesian folklore and history to the Singapore community. ICN is organized by the Indonesian Students of NTU (PINTU). Since its humble performance in 2007, it has grown to be a professional student-run musical performance with thousands of audiences.




We have performed for 8 times since 2007 to the Singapore community who are interested in Indonesian culture. We have explored stories from the Revolusi Indonesia period to an imagined dystopia in 2035.



We at ICN are proud to present everything original in our musical. We write our own script and songs, we prepare our own choreography and we create our own sets and costumes. Each year more than 100 students are involved in the various divisions within ICN.



ICN has entertained more than 5,400 audiences from our various musical plays. The audience came from various age groups, ranging from teenagers to adults, and even of various nationalities.


To be a professional student-run cultural production that introduces and showcases Indonesian cultural heritage in Singapore.


1. To deliver a performance showcasing and preserving the rich and diverse Indonesian cultural heritage in Singapore.

2. To develop and nurture the talents and skills of those who are involved in the production of ICN.

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Metro TV
"Nirwata: A Musical is a rewritten story of the famous Balinese folklore, Jayaprana and Layonsari. Even with an addition of new characters, it still retained its original message. Nirwata is the 8th installment of ICN Cultural Production since 2007. This year, they succeeded in attracting more than 1200 audiences, filling the seats at University Cultural Centre Singapore."
Broadway World Singapore
"Constantly throughout the years, the Indonesian community in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), have never failed to amuse and enlighten the public with Indonesia's rich cultural history. Talented and passionate students from all kinds of academic backgrounds, all the way from engineering to art, have participated in this musical."
Global Indonesian Voices
"ICN is the place where creativity thrives, and where students can show the world their version of a folklore written long before their years. The fact that students, mostly majoring in science or engineering, of ages 18 to 24 can produce a marvel comparable to that of cinematic tropes is awe-inspiring."