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Arunika: A Musical


In the early nineteenth century, Batavia was the capital of the trading giant: the Dutch East India Company. Many Dutch traders enslaved native people from different parts of the Indonesian archipelago, giving rise to discrimination and violence within the social hierarchy.

The vibrant city was home to Anika, a Dutch-Indonesian girl with a big dream, and her down-to-earth mother, Ningsih, who had always advised her to be aware of their social standing. As her Dutch father left before she was born, she became ostracized by her peers--her only friend being a friendly slave girl from the Moluccan village, Deya. One day, they met a new slave boy, Raka, who showed his desire to escape and rebel against the oppression of the Dutch.

At the same time, the company was facing bankruptcy, which affected the lives of the Dutch traders in Batavia. One of them being Gustaaf, the owner of Deya and Raka. As he was troubled by the situation in Batavia, his old friend and a Dutch officer, Clement, came to Batavia with an attempt to challenge the status quo.

As the characters’ lives intertwined with each unexpected turn of events, stories were told, the past was revealed, and difficult choices must be made.


  • Anika

    Played by Karen Prasetio

    Anika is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in the city of Batavia. She was born out of wedlock from a Dutch father, but he left even before she was born, as many other Dutchmen did at that time. Being half Dutch, she finds herself alienated by her peers. Although she acts tough, she dreams to find a place to belong, and she is adamant that her dreams will come true.

  • Deya

    Played by Valerie Benita Tanuwijaya

    Deya is a slave from the Moluccan village. She is good-natured and amiable, with an unprejudiced view of other tribes or races. She tries her best to keep everyone out of harm’s way, believing that there’s always good in people. Although she is being enslaved, she stays cheerful and appreciative towards the things she has.

  • Raka

    Played by Kevin Montana Wongso

    Raka is a newcomer in Batavia. He was captured in a mass kidnapping in Bali by Dutch traders, who did that to obtain new slaves to sell in Batavia. Due to this, Raka holds a deep grudge toward the Dutch, and he is determined to rebel against them. He is stubborn and short-tempered, often acting impulsively out of anger.

  • Ningsih

    Played by Nasya Martin Theniko

    Ningsih is Anika’s mother who has a bubbly and loving personality. Being down-to-earth and realistic, she often has disagreements with her idealistic daughter, but they love each other deeply. Like all mothers, Ningsih just wants what she thinks is best for Anika, which is to quickly find a potential suitor.

  • Gustaaf

    Played by Abraham Nathanael Kasogi

    Gustaaf is a prominent Dutch trader in Batavia who owns many slaves, including Deya. He always acts pragmatically in any situation. A prideful man, he does his best to garner respect from everyone. Although he appears stoic, he actually cares deeply about the people he loves.

  • Clement

    Played by Kelvin Renaldi Haryanto

    Clement is Gustaaf’s old friend who is a Dutch officer recently assigned back to Batavia. He is a kind-hearted gentleman who always has good intentions. Although he might have made some mistakes in his younger days, he has grown wiser and more discerning as time passed. Although he arrives at Batavia on duty, he had other plans in mind.


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