• Nilanka: A Musical

    Adapted from the Batak folklore ‘Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja’, our story revolves around the journey of a crown prince who grew up to bear the massive duty of the throne. Throughout his life, he receives guidance on how to be a great king from a ender-hearted uncle and a loving sister. Being someone with an unconventional value on compassion, he is often scrutinised by the people, who desire a more confrontational king. As tragedies befall upon him, will he be able to fight for everything he holds dear and be the king he ought to be?

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  • Arunika: A Musical

    Arunika will bring you to the early nineteenth century Batavia, where discrimination and inequality were commonplace under the monopoly of the Dutch East India Company. Together, we will explore the journey of finding hope amidst despair in a city where dreams die too easily.

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  • Lakonna: A Musical

    Lakonna is a story about choice. It is a tale of pursuit; a hunt for glory; a search for happiness. Inspired by a renowned Torajan folktale ‘Batingna Lebonna’, it showcased the power— and the repercussions, of love, ambitions and promises.

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  • Nirwata: A Musical

    Nirwata brought a fresh perspective on the classic tale of war between good and evil, represented by the spirits of Barong and Rangda. Not less important was the romance of Jayaprana and Layonsari, which served as the platform of the final battle between the spirits. The form of a musical was heavily influenced and inspired by Balinese culture, the story explored their mortal antagonism and how the spirits had since influenced the residents of Bali.

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  • Nilam: A Musical

    Nilam tells the adventure of Malin Kundang, a young fisherman whose dream was to sail the seas and find riches in the lands yonder. The departure of Malin's father years ago had made his mother, Mirah, afraid of letting Malin go to pursue his dreams, of losing another piece of her heart, leaving this mother and son in a never-ending dispute. With the help of his childhood friend, Delima, and the power of a mysterious magical relic, Malin's anchored dream finally set sail.

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  • Angkara: A Musical

    With the new ICN tagline, "History Made Anew", Angkara seeks to give a fresh perspective to a story so familiar to most Indonesians. Angkara, loosely based on the history of Singasari Kingdom, tells the story of Ken Arok, an ambitious peasant determined to be more than just 'a feather in the air', and his bloody rise to power. With both matinee and night shows, Angkara entertained more than 700 attendees in School of the Arts' Drama Theatre.

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  • Neutraregni

    A dystopian story of Indonesia in the year 2043, Neutraregni the Musical pushes the boundary of ICN to a whole new level. It seeks to reimagine the lives of Indonesians in a dictatorial leadership that suppresses the Indonesian identity. The story is applauded for its originality and provocative nature that forces us to rethink what freedom really means. Neutraregni succeeds in entertaining a full house of 800 attendees in University Cultural Centre.

  • Pahlawan the Musical

    Performed in SIA Theatre, Lasalle College of the Arts, Pahlawan successfully challenges the audience's notion of a hero. Against the background of the 1950s, the show gives us a glimpse of the hardships experienced by the Indonesians while struggling for independence during the Revolusi. At the same time, the musical does not lose its flavour of authentic Indonesian cultural performance.

  • Zamrud Khatulistiwa

    After a short hiatus of a year, ICN returns with Zamrud Khatulistiwa. The story follows Mike who has to learn the hard way the value of friendship and in the process learns to appreciate the country where his father came from. The show again manages to wow the audience in NTU's own Art, Design and Media Auditorium with a series of performances highlighting the diversity of Indonesian culture.

  • Merah Putih: Kembali ke Hati

    Merah Putih: Kembali ke Hati tells the story of Jim. Jim who was born to an affluent family is confronted with the reality of the society when he met Shinta, a schoolmate who teaches traditional dance to underprivileged kids. The show culminates in a fusion dance performance called Trigianti Sakakta Dance that seamlessly blends Saman, Kecak and Tabal Gempita into one scintillating performance that invites the audience standing ovation in the Lee Foundation Theatre.