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Lakonna: A Musical


Inspired by a renowned Torajan folktale ‘Batingna Lebonna’, Lakonna is a story about choices. It is a tale of pursuit; a hunt for glory; a search for happiness.

Centuries ago, among the mountains that ornamented Tana Toraja, stood a village under the ruling of its wise leader. The leader had two sons whom he loved dearly. The firstborn, Arrang, was a charming man admired by not only the villagers, but also by Malitta, his long-time friend. Witnessing Arrang’s success, the younger son of the two, Bayo, felt unloved by the people who often compared him to his older brother. Despite his insecurities, he had Tinuwu, his childhood friend who always tried to cheer him up.

As time went by, the village leader grew old and his body weakened. As a result, Arrang was chosen to take his father’s place in leading the village. His life soared to even greater heights when he met the love of his life, Tanoana. Their devoted love for each other was so great that they made a vow to always be together in life and in death. It seemed as if Arrang’s life couldn’t be any more perfect. However, with jealousy looming in the shadows, an ill-fated choice would change the course of his life, and of the people around him, forever.


  • Ambe

    Played by Leonardo Donni Moelyanto

    Ambe has long been the sworn leader of his peaceful village up in the mountains of Tana Toraja. Leading with remarkable wisdom, he guided the village into great prosperity. As a father, Ambe loved both of his sons dearly. But, having spent most of his life maintaining the village, he seemed to be a better village leader than he was a father for Arrang and Bayo.

  • Arrang

    Played by Krismanto Liman

    Arrang was the eldest son of the village leader. He was a charming man who was deeply admired by the people for his prowess as a fighter. With his impeccable fighting skills and his remarkable leadership abilities, Arrang was more than ready to lead the village and embrace his destiny. However, when Arrang first laid eyes on Tanoana, the love of his life, another future awaited him— Another destiny.

  • Bayo

    Played by Billy Kurniawan

    Bayo was the youngest son of the village leader. As a child, Bayo had a kind-hearted and good-willed soul. But as Bayo grew older, he began to notice that he was constantly being compared to his older brother. This made Bayo believe that his peers loved Arrang more than him. Wanting to prove his worth and be respected by the people around him - including his own father-, Bayo dreamed to be known for his own name.

  • Malitta

    Played by Clarita Saslim

    As the primadonna of the village, Malitta was one of the most endeared members of her community. She was not only an ambitious woman, but also a very calculated intellect. Since long, she has loved Arrang, her childhood friend, constantly dreaming to be with him. But when she discovered that Arrang's heart is with someone else, there's no telling what she would do to get him back.

  • Tinuwu

    Played by Fransisca Andriani

    Tinuwu was a cheerful girl who deeply loved the village, dreaming that everyone who lived there would be happy. Being a close friend of Bayo since childhood, Tinuwu understood him and his false thoughts really well. She would always try to cheer him up during his moments of distress and hopelessness, hoping that he could see that his life was worth much more than he thought.

  • Tanoana

    Played by Josefanny Amadea Gunawan

    Losing the family she loved at an early age, Tanoana had to face life on her own. Eventually, she grew up to be a strong and independent woman. To sustain herself, she made a living by becoming a dancer. She had long desired to experience love, but the grim reality had given her no time for such endeavours. Never once did she have the thought of pursuing dreams and joys with a loved one until she met Arrang.



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