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Nilam: A Musical


Nilam tells the adventure of Malin Kundang, a young fisherman whose dream was to sail the seas and find riches in the lands yonder. The departure of Malin's father years ago had made his mother, Mirah, afraid of letting Malin go to pursue his dreams, of losing another piece of her heart, leaving this mother and son in a never-ending dispute. With the help of his childhood friend, Delima, and the power of a mysterious magical relic, Malin's anchored dream finally set sail.

Malin started from the bottom as a ship crew under Bara Abu's tutelage, a merchant turned Malin's best friend. He met Rijang, Bara's simple-minded assistant, Galih, Bara's boss and captain, and Mustika, Galih's daughter, and quickly rose through the ranks, ending up as the right-hand man of the captain, and also the right man for Mustika's heart. However, every action has its consequences, and every secret has its price. Would all of Malin's dreams come true, and at what cost?


  • Malin Kundang

    Played by Wibie Christianto

    A determined and sharp-witted young man, Malin started out as a poor fisherman living in a small village with his mother, Mirah. Malin dreamed of sailing the seas, just as his father did, but his mother would not let him go. Malin had a close friend, Delima, in whom he confided about his high hopes to pursue his dream. One day, a strike of luck granted Malin his wish in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world.

  • Mirah

    Played by Jessica Janis

    Mirah was Malin's mother. When Malin was a mere toddler, Mirah's husband left them to seek a better fate in the seas, never to be heard from again despite his promises to return, leaving Mirah as the sole breadwinner of the family. Traumatised, she was adamant to never let her son leave her side, which eventually became a recurring source of conflict between Mirah and Malin. Despite her hardheadedness, Mirah was a tenderhearted woman inside.

  • Delima

    Played by Monica Marcellina Anggono

    Delima was a sweet and cheerful girl from Malin's village. She was Malin's closest friend and confidante, and she began to develop romantic feelings towards Malin as they grew up together. Delima was a firm believer in the power of the sacred relic in their village, performing worship rituals every month at the relic for the prosperity of the village, and she believed that wishes uttered upon the relic would come true.

  • Mustika

    Played by Jessica Jacinda

    Mustika, Galih's beautiful and bubbly daughter, was the strong-willed, spoiled princess of her father's ship. As his only child, Galih indulged Mustika's every whim, and so she was used to always having things her way. One particular young man, Bara, was besotted by Mustika's exceptional beauty, but Mustika never returned the affection and constantly ignored him, while directing her unrelenting attention on the attractive newcomer, Malin.

  • Galih

    Played by Steve Alexander Prasetya

    As a successful merchant, Galih was known to be wise and well-respected by his crew members. There was nothing Galih treasured more than his beautiful and beloved daughter, Mustika, on whom he doted endlessly as a result. As an upright leader, Galih favoured people with strong will and moral principle. Yet beyond his charismatic facade, Galih was a man shadowed by the great price he had to pay to pursue his success.

  • Bara Abu

    Played by Andramica Priastyo

    Bara, a dedicated and ambitious man, had served as Galih's most trustworthy merchant for many years. With his strong moral principle, he had always believed that he would eventually succeed Galih in his business, while winning Mustika's heart in the process, and so he had always worked hard to gain both Galih's and Mustika's favour. Together with his loyal servant, Rijang, they would eventually become Malin's best friend.

  • Rijang

    Played by Joshua Danny

    Rijang was Bara's most loyal and caring servant, who also happened to be a weirdo. Rijang was immensely indebted to Bara, and so he dedicated his whole life to serve him. Despite his weirdness, Bara had kept Rijang around for many years, for reasons unknown to anyone, even though his antics had landed them in more than several unfortunate incidents. How weird was Rijang? No one could know for sure, not even Rijang himself.


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