ICN 2020 Subcommittee Recruitment is now open!

ICN 2020 Subcommittee Recruitment is now open!

    • Actor/Actress
    • Dancer
    • Musician
    • Sets & Property
    • Makeup & Wardobe
    • Sound Effect Designer
    • Corporate Liaison
    • Marketing & Ticketing
    • Publicity, Publication & IT
    • Stage Manager
    • Logistics & Welfare



      I have joined ICN committee since ICN 2016 and it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my whole life. At first, I never thought that I will be joining a musical production like ICN since I was not really interested in art until I went to university. However, after seeing ICN for the first time, I thought that this will be a once in a lifetime experience and maybe I should give it a try. In the end, I decided to join ICN 2016's committee as a dancer and it was indeed an awesome experience!! I found out that dancing is actually fun especially when you are doing it with your friends. Since then, I started to like arts and discovered another part of me that I would not find out if I had not joined ICN. After ICN 2016, I felt that it was not enough for me and I kept longing for more of it, so I decided to step up as an Artistic Director for ICN 2018 and again as a Producer for ICN 2019. Being in the Top Management, I had a really different experience, it was full of challenges that pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. I must admit that sometimes it was really stressful for me to handle ICN while maintaining my grades. However, being surrounded with a very supportive group of people in the committee made me want to strive more and push myself beyond my limits. Together with other amazing talents in the committee, we finally made ICN 2018 and ICN 2019 a success. Along the way, I learnt a lot of things, made a lot of unforgettable memories, and met many new people, who eventually became my family here in Singapore even until now. From joining ICN committee for 3 years straight, all I can say is that it has been a great pleasure for me to be able to be a part of it, to watch the committee grow better and better each year, and finally to pass the torch to the next committee. It was indeed a unique and unforgettable experience that I won't trade for anything else. Good luck and all the best for ICN 2020!

      ICN for me began as a journey to see how much I could to contribute to arts. After being a Scriptwriter penning an emotive story for ICN 2018, I was sold. Another glass of that ICN, please. And so I signed up to become an Artistic Director for ICN 2019. I knew I wanted to do more: try to make a grander show and showcase what our community can do. That's when I met Ester and Vania, who'd later become the next scriptwriting duo. They proposed to me a very ambitious worldbuilding story about slavery in Batavia. At first, I was nervous. I pondered if I was capable of presenting a heavy story that touched unfamiliar waters. But within 10 months, all those thoughts disappeared into naught. I'd be lying if I said that there weren't any bumps along the journey. There were plenty! I remembered back in January during our 4th integrative rehearsal when our performance wasn't even close to cutting traction. It felt as if the performers had already been told and taught everything, but the whole show just wasn't there. It seriously made me think if sacrificing all my time only for others to muck it all up was even worth it. I think we scolded almost every artistic portfolio that week (damn). But it was during these crazy periods when we'd encourage the committee to reevaluate why they joined ICN in the first place. I believe that it was after these times when everyone started putting their maximum effort and appreciated one another more. They knew they joined ICN so they could be a part of something spectacular and they simply now just recharged their focus to finish what they started. As the 5th integrative rehearsal neared, I noticed the performances got better than before. Some might think that they magically got the talent to perform really well, but I believed otherwise. I believe that these people who signed up for ICN already had the drive and ability to perform really well; they just didn't realize the limits of what they could do. I was amazed and shocked with how much they were able to improve. It was, how would I say it, magical. I was overwhelmed with joy after the 5th integrative rehearsal was over. I was really proud everyone turned around and did their best and put an awesome, grand, ambitious show to fruition. We were ready. Before our final performance on the D-day at NLB, I wanted to make a final say before sending all the performers to the stage. In the middle of that speech, for some reason, I cried. I cried, because... because I knew my journey had ended. I cried because I knew I couldn't do anything anymore. I cried because I had watched the people under me grow SOOO much in what they can achieve for the past months. I cried because I saw all of them ready to fully support one another for one final performance; and it made me so... so... SOO proud. I cried because now, instead of losing my pride like I felt back in January, I was about to lose them-- all the hardworking performers and committee-- to the stage. And after that, I'll lose them altogether. And so I let them go. And that night's show was the best performance from them that I had ever seen. All this made me realize what ICN simply is. First, ICN is you. It's you setting up this crazy-sounding goal that you initially thought was impossible, and watching yourself quote-on-quote miraculously be able to reach up and achieve said goal in just months. It's not going to be easy and it never will be, but it's going to be super satisfying at the end of the journey. After ICN, you'll look back and even wonder how the hell did you do what you did (proofs: danced to a 170 beats per minute song, moved heavy house props away from a dark stage in 25 seconds, changed costumes and makeup in less than a minute, synchronized 2 intense music notes to a person's fall followed by her being kicked in seconds, danced an intense item while singing high notes in an intense song, etc.). Second, ICN is everyone else. Yes, you have your wants and goals, but you're merely just a puzzle piece. ICN makes you appreciate how you're a part of something bigger-- how other "puzzle pieces" have different roles supplementing yours, and how we can truly be extraordinary if we work together towards a common goal. No other CCA is as integrated as ours is. We are nothing without our peers but everything with. So I tell you, if ICN isn't magical, I don't know what is.

      I started my ICN Journey last year as a makeup and wardrobe subcommittee. Little did I know that as a member, I was enthralled by every intricate detail of the cultural costumes. Little did I know that I was in love with expressing characters through face makeup. Because of these magical experiences, I was convinced to step up as the director. My journey as a director was full of ups and downs. Aside from the privilege to create whimsical stage costumes concepts, executing these concepts into reality was never easy. There were a lot of bumps and challenges along the way. I remembered the day when my team and I kept remaking costumes several times just to make it right. Nonetheless, I also remembered the day when we succeeded in creating batik skirts with our very own hands. I remembered how amazing it felt to see our costumes being worn by the performers. I was almost in tears witnessing how the costumes and the face makeup which we created with heart ultimately told a story. It was a privilege. I am eternally grateful to have members who are willing to work tirelessly and wholeheartedly. I am blessed to work with fellow main committee who gave heartfelt support to each other. Even if we faced disagreements or maybe disappointments, we actually forged a deep friendship. ICN was a safe community where everyone is free to grow and pour out their passion. All in all, it was a privilege to be a part of this family.

      Started with excitement, ended with relief.

      The thing that popped into my mind prior to joining ICN as a CL sub-committee was how can you run such a big event as a student? Back in High School I did not get the chance to liase with sponsors for my school's annual cup. But here comes the opportunity for me to learn something new. Definitely, I would not miss out on the open door. And here I stand as the new Corporate Liaison director. Leadership, communication, creativity, diligence are just skills to be developed by me as an individual. Yet family is the one that makes you feel like home. And ICN is the home where the heart is.

      Tiring but absolutely worth the time and energy. ICN made me believe in myself and the people around me. It was an unforgettable and amazing experience.

      Since its humble beginning, ICN has always been a place where like-minded individuals gather to express their interests, pursue their passion and strive together to achieve a common goal. It is a community where everyone is free to challenge themselves to explore the unexplored and to experience growth. Most importantly, ICN is a family where brothers and sisters support each other wholeheartedly in times of adversity. To me, ICN has always been one of the greatest highlights in my university life. It all started when I first became an audience for Nirwata: A Musical back in 2016. I can still vividly remember how magical and breathtaking the show was. I was so impressed by the quality of the musical that I thought it was executed by a team of professionals, not by students. That made me want to be part of ICN when I got accepted to NTU. During my freshman year, I joined Lakonna: A Musical as a dancer. It was especially hard for me to juggle ICN and the other things, like the academics, social life and CCA commitments. During each rehearsal, I was almost always feeling tired, but I was grateful to have the full support and encouragement from my fellow dancers and choreographers who would constantly crack stupid jokes and cheer me up. Standing on the stage as an ICN dancer inevitably became one of the fondest memories during my first year in NTU. The momentum and excitement stayed within me until I decided to join ICN once again in 2019, this time, as a Corporate Liaison Executive. Having played the performing role, I wanted to challenge myself to be part of the supporting role. And truth be told, the journey was incredibly demanding for me and I had lots of self-doubts. Then again, I always reminded myself that I wanted to see Arunika: A Musical succeed. I wanted to make sure that the performers and all those involved in the production could stand on the stage feeling proud to be part of ICN. Together with Janet Vidya, Natasya Adistana, Krismanto and our 14 subcommittees, we worked hard together sourcing for sponsorships and raising funds for the production. We rose up to the challenge and remained steadfast to make sure we hit our goals. Ultimately, we managed to not just break even, but also generate profits for the next ICN production; something that we felt so fulfilled and proud of. ICN is definitely challenging, tiring and perhaps the cause of your many sacrifices. But, know that ICN is also a great opportunity for you to meet new friends and mentors. You get to go beyond your comfort zone and bring out the best in you. Do not be afraid to take this opportunity of a lifetime, challenge yourself and enjoy the journey. Who knows? Maybe your life may change for the better, just as my life did.

      I started off my ICN journey being a full-on risk-taker by auditioning as both dancer and supporting cast, even though I have very minimal experience in dancing, singing, and acting. Coming to the first practice, I could barely keep up with the dance moves, so I tried to put myself out there to both get help and be helped. As the practices go by, I unconsciously got better and better, practices became much more enjoyable as we all got closer, and it became something I look forward to, instead of “work”. The practices were indeed quite hardcore, but it was all worth it in the end.

      I have always dreamt of performing on stage -- being in the spotlight and being able to captivate the audience. And ICN came to realise my dreams. When else would I have the opportunity to sing, act and dance on stage? That's when I decided to join ICN; though little did I know about the amount of effort I need to put in. There were weeks when I had to practice nearly everyday, and I sometimes had to stay back during holidays. But looking at how dedicated everyone was during the preparation period definitely encouraged me to do the same. And when else would I get the opportunity to learn from such talented and passionate coaches? Months of practice passed by quickly, and before I knew it, it was ICN. All of this was worth it, I told myself, as I saw the audience enjoying the performance I put up that day.

      ICN didn't happen in one night. There were a lot of things to be prepared. But we all learned to work as a unit and succeeded in delivering a spectacular show.

      Throughout my life, music has never been a major part of me. Sure, I learnt piano since 5, but my progress was relatively slow. I grew to enjoy playing good music, but I did not like the rehearsals and I was never serious or passionate about it. I even thought of leaving all my musical experiences and skills behind when starting my university years. Coming to audition for a pianist of ICN was a no-risk try for me, and I wasn't expecting much. Little did I know that I actually enjoy every process of rehearsing, performing, and building the musical atmosphere of Arunika. But above all that, what I find most valuable is the learning journey. Learning how musicals work, learning how music relates deeply with emotions, learning to work together as a team and not trying to stand out, learning to accept criticism and praise wisely, and learning that we can be what we never imagined we could be. That's Arunika for me, what's next?