ICN 2023 Subcommittee Recruitment is now open!

ICN 2023 Subcommittee Recruitment is now open!

    • Actor/Actress
    • Dancer
    • Musician
    • Sets & Property
    • Makeup & Wardobe
    • Sound Effect Designer
    • Corporate Liaison
    • Marketing & Ticketing
    • Publicity, Publication & IT
    • Stage Manager
    • Logistics & Welfare



      ICN is one of the committees I am impressed with the most. As a part of Logistic and Welfare, I experienced how tough it was to build and manage whole logistics needed for this spectacular show. I learned a lot of lessons, either as a team or an individual, and they shaped me to who I am now. I became aware that not every single thing of a show is an art. Many things behind the stages we often underestimate yet it is actually crucial for a show. With many manpowers involved in the committee, I was able to make a lot of new friends. Not only getting new friends, life lessons, but also new skillsets. ICN is indeed superb!

      Back then, I was a dancer subcommittee for ICN 2020: Nilanka! Honestly, the training workload for dancers was tough, physically and mentally exhausting! But it was full of supportive, bonded committees! Even after the show ended we could feel our tears falling down as if wondering and impressing ourselves for creating such remarkable show. Besides, joining ICN was also beneficial because there were a lot of passionate people inside it and we could ceaselessly learn from them as they were such outstanding and hardworking people. In short, you will not regret taking a part in ICN, particularly as a dancer! … Nope, just kidding, of course in all portfolios as well!

      ICN for me is a place where amazing people work together to produce something extraordinary. It is a place that nurtures talents as well as those who are eager to grow. On an individual level, joining ICN allows me to discover what things I need to improve on and it opens the gates of opportunity for me. Leadership, communication and creativity are some of the skills I ought to develop and yet, ICN also gave me a place a can call home. Through ICN, I believe I can become the person I want to be and more importantly, it gives me the chance to do so.

      ICN might as well stands for Innovation, Creativity, and Nurture. Joining as a Sets & Property Member and Director were great decisions for me to pour on my interest in the artistic scene. Getting to work in a professional and friendly environment is definitely worth it, while also enjoying each and every one of its moments. As a student-run production, it gives the uniqueness of what ICN is as a musical performance, which you should not miss during your study in NTU. Although ICN was temporarily halted due to Covid-19, as a former running producer of ICN myself, I highly recommend for all students to experience ICN in the future to explore yourself and thrive in non-academic opportunities.

      I was in Sets & Properties Committee for ICN 2020 : Nilanka and I have to say it's been a fruitful experience for me. Even though it was exhausting and I had go to Bedok every Saturday, I enjoy every moment from the start and until the show ended. I feel like ICN has given me a lot of opportunity to grow and become a better man. I was able to found my other self and gain some soft and hard skills. It feels like yesterday I was still in ICN but actually it has been long time ago. If I could turn back time, I would definitely join ICN again and push myself more. It sucks that when I want to step up the COVID already there but now I'm glad that ICN is back. I hope ICN would grow and become committee that everyone loves.

      When I first joined ICN, it was just on a whim. I never really knew music or theatre arts, as a freshman, I just tried every possible cca and ICN is one of the them. I joined in as a CL subcommittee, and from the start there were some pressure to collect more money because creating musical theatre is not cheap. It was really daunting whenever I look at our targets and sometimes it keeps me wake at night. However, this pressure is what pushed me forward and made me grew as a person. Overall, it was a great experience that I joined ICN, sure there were some conflicts between some of us, but even those just enhance the experience that I got. Every now and then, I would look back at my decision on joining ICN, and it doesn't matter how challenging it was, I would still do it again.

      Hi! My name is Kevin, I joined ICN 2019, Nilanka 3 years ago. my role was dancer. To be honest I havent really done any dancing, but in ICN, they taught me a lot about dancing, while letting me have fun also. A lot of memorable things happens during my time of ICN, but I think one of the most memorable thing is when you go up to the stage and perform what you have been practicing. Couldnt exactly describe how it was, but maybe you could say it was amazing. If I can turn back time, I would still join ICN, because I believe those feelings on stage with ICN is very rare, you could say once in a lifetime opportunity.

      ICN has been such a journey. I started joining for the fun, and the vision to see myself as an actor was a dream. However, I learnt so much more than just being an actor and grow as a person. The character I portrayed as well as the closest people in the musical has shaped me as who I am today, and to that I am eternally grateful. I hope my experience can help to grow and shape future you as well! Let’s live the legend!

      Being part of ICN in my first year had been something I am grateful for. Although I didn’t get a chance to experience ICN in the upcoming year due to the pandemic, the memories of standing on the stage are still very vivid. I was so glad when I first came to ICN and knew that I could get exposed to different dancing styles. I was also invited as a supporting cast at that time, though it was very challenging as I did not have much prior background in acting. Luckily, all the people were very supportive and I learned a lot from them. As a dancer and supporting cast, sometimes it could be tiring as I needed to practice a lot, but it is also my source of refreshment and what made me bonded with the team. Overall it's definitely worth it.

      ICN has been a great platform to let me explore from soft skills to technical capabilities required to breathe life into an awe-inspiring musical. Not only that, I got to know lots of people even better, which I otherwise wouldn’t have if I didn’t join ICN. Overall, it was a really thrilling ride with ICN, and I can’t wait to see the next team to #LiveTheLegend! 🙌

      I joined ICN 2020 as an actress and it became one of the major highlights of my university year. I had the opportunity to meet, learn from and be friends with some of the most amazing people who are passionate about the arts. Through the acting & vocal training, I develop better skills and a greater appreciation for musical theatre. However, the best takeaway from ICN is the friendship with my Act subcommittee members and awesome people from other committees. I will always remember fondly the late-night practices and study sessions with my fellow actors/actresses. I am so grateful to have met some of my now close friends through ICN. I feel a sense of belonging to the production, hence I am joining ICN 2023 as the Acting Director. I hope that ICN can continue to become a great venue for Indonesian students of NTU to share our passion for the arts and have fun together.